IPAC Foundation shapes young minds. These students (medical, dental, and others) carry out public awareness campaigns across Pakistan. We believe in working at the grassroots, supporting youth to build on strengths to help communities transform their approach towards preventative healthcare practices. These volunteers are equipped with all the necessary technical capacity and consistently sustain their productive leadership for everything from screening camps to walks, seminars, Door to Door campaigns, and several competitions.

IPAC Foundation trains volunteers for conducting various activities on standard protocols for a unanimous approach. The comprehensive volunteer trainings increase their engagement and help them grow by taking charge in the field. We closely monitor and evaluate their performances which helps to promote volunteer retention rate, so we always have motivated youth around who are dedicated to the same cause. These trainings also help volunteers to feel more comfortable in their designated roles. We try to utilize every interaction with the volunteers as an opportunity to give them a chance for learning and growth. 

Volunteers are the greatest assets of the IPAC Foundation. These 3000+ volunteers support the organization in achieving its goals of infection-free Pakistan and promoting preventive healthcare. We continually monitor and evaluate their performance and support them to become responsible citizens and assets to the nation.