Journey at IPAC

Syed Muhammad Mehmood Abbas joined VFAHT in the first year of his medical school as an integral member of the research division. Then he was appointed as the secretary of finance in the second year of his medical school, and VFAHT General Secretary (Shifa Tameer-e-Millar University) in the third year. He was selected by the National Council as Vice President of North Punjab and ICT. And in his final year, he was selected as the President VFAHT National Council.

Syed Muhammad Mehmood Abbas


Volunteerism comes with great responsibility as this gives you the opportunity to work supervised and unsupervised for the betterment of the community. The distinctive thing about volunteerism is no matter how big or how small your work may be it provides growth and leaves a positive impact both ways, on volunteers and also on the community. Always take pride in starting from the bottom and looking back at where you started from. Remember to always stay humble and kind it’ll set you on the sail for long-term success. Set a goal and get to it step by step and you’ll enjoy the process of growth and discipline your thoughts to utilize your full potential. Volunteerism provides you the opportunity of working under different working circumstances, uncomfortable situations, and difficult situations this equips you with the skill set required for tackling different circumstances.

Syed Muhammad Mehmood Abbas
President VFAHT 2022