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The Infection Prevention and Control Foundation aims to eradicate the burden of viral Hepatitis from Pakistan.
To achieve its goal, the IPAC Foundation is running a Hepatitis Clinic at Al-Mustafa Trust, Lahore. The clinic provides free-of-cost diagnostic and treatment services to the patients. Moreover, the clinic also provides counseling and awareness regarding Hepatitis. It plans to educate people about the vitality of timely diagnosis, proper treatment, and precautionary measures to break the chain of transmission.

Project Motivation

The establishment of the Hepatitis Clinic is fueled by a fundamental principle: every individual should have access to excellent medical care, irrespective of their financial situation or personal background. Our mission is to empower communities by offering affordable and convenient healthcare services. With a dedication to preventive healthcare, we strive to significantly impact the lives of individuals throughout our community.

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Medicines for Hepatitis C

Hepatitis B Vaccination

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