F.G Public High School, Nowshera

IPAC Foundation in collaboration with Surraiya Shafi Family Trust and the alumni of F. G. Public High School, Nowshera Cantt has embarked on a new journey to expand its horizon.

Project Motivation

The school was established in 1937. There are thousands of F. G. Public School graduates, who are excellent professionals (doctors, engineers, architects, businessmen, and public officials) around the world. Over the years, the school got neglected and lost its charm.

The current condition of the school is fragile and requires immediate attention. It requires complete renovation, maintenance, and reconstruction in multiple areas of the building to restore the quality education system. The 1500 students currently enrolled in the school have no option but to compromise with the conditions and study in such deteriorating circumstances.

IPAC Foundation always emphasizes prevention-based healthcare, and this project is another step toward our goal.

Components of the Project

We are contributing to F.G. Public High School, Nowshera Cantt | Renovation and Upgradation Project by doing the following

Procurement & Installation of a state-of-the-art RO Water Filtration plant

It will allow 1000+ students to have access to clean drinking water and prevent numerous infectious diseases.

Renovation and Upgradation of Toilets

Renovated and Upgraded toilets will help in the prevention of multiple infectious diseases which are transmitted through unhygienic practices.

Introducing Infection Prevention & Control curriculums and hands-on training sessions for children

This program will help to develop healthy and hygienic habits in students from an early age resulting in healthy lifestyle modification.


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