Hepatitis Awareness Session and Hepatitis Clinic 1 Year Anniversary

July 25, 2023

July 25, 2023

Al-Mustafa Trust


IPAC Foundation, AMT, and The Health Foundation Join Hands for a Healthier Future.
Today – In a significant step towards raising awareness about Hepatitis and promoting public health, the IPAC Foundation, in collaboration with AMT and The Health Foundation, organized a highly successful Hepatitis Awareness Session and Walk. The event commenced with a compelling awareness session at Al-Mustafa Trust, where experts from IPAC Foundation, AMT, and The Health Foundation delivered informative talks on various aspects of Hepatitis, including its transmission, risk factors, and preventive strategies. The speakers emphasized the importance of regular screenings and vaccinations to safeguard against Hepatitis.
After the Session cake cutting ceremony was also held. Following the informative session, the participants took part in a solidarity walk through the heart of the city.

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