Infectious Diseases & Community Health Centers

IPAC Foundation envisioned establishing dedicated community health centers for infectious diseases across Pakistan to provide free quality healthcare services to 10,000 deserving patients annually. For this project, we partnered up with the Primary & Secondary Healthcare Departments of Punjab to share the burden of infectious ailments. 

We have launched 2 Infectious Diseases Centers namely the Chiraghdin Community Health Centre Sialkot and Hepatitis Clinic at Al-Mustafa Trust Medical Center Lahore. These centers provide free and quality healthcare services along with patient education and counseling regarding various infectious and communicable diseases.

Key Features

Free Consultation

Free Medicine

Free Tests

Free Vaccinations


We have launched our first Infectious Diseases Center named the Chiraghdin Community Health Centre, Sialkot in 2021. The center includes Hepatitis Clinic, VCCT Clinic, TB Clinic, General Infectious Diseases Clinic, Diagnostic Lab, Pharmacy, X-ray Room, and Immunization Clinic. This facility provides free and quality healthcare services along with patient education and counseling regarding infectious diseases in Sialkot and surrounding rural areas. It also houses a community hall in which preventive healthcare programs will be held.

Pakistan is among the countries with the world’s highest burdens of chronic hepatitis and mortality. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 12 million people in Pakistan are affected by Hepatitis B or C.

Infection Prevention and Control Foundation aims to eradicate the burden of viral Hepatitis from Pakistan. To achieve its goal, IPAC Foundation has inaugurated Hepatitis Clinic at Al-Mustafa Trust, Lahore. The clinic will provide free-of-cost diagnostic and treatment services to the patients.