Medical and Hepatitis B & C Screening Camp

May 05, 2024

May 05, 2024

Dheri Village, Kallar Syedan Islamabad


On May 05, 2024, the volunteers from VFAHT-STMU organized a medical and hepatitis screening camp in collaboration with the Shifaites Serving Humanity (SSH) Society in Dheri Village, Kallar Syedan Islamabad. were accompanied by a team of consultants of various specialties e.g. Medicine, Surgery, ENT, Gynaecology, Neurology, Orthopaedics etc., along with house officers, medical students and pharmacists. Almost 300 patients were provided free consultation, free medicines, free screening and free counselling. After careful evaluation and initial assessment, 50 high risk and symptomatic patients were screened for Hepatitis B and C under strict precautionary measures out of which 3 tested positive for Hepatitis C and 1 tested positive for Hepatitis B. All positive patients were referred to the gastroenterologist at the camp who provided appropriate management and counselling to the patients and were referred to Shifa Falahi Foundation for treatment and medication.



Table 01: Hepatitis B & C Screening 

Screening Test Method  HBV and HCV RDTs (Rapid Diagnostic Testing Kits) 
Population Age Range (Years)  18 – 65 


  Total  Males  Females 
No. of Population Screened  50  17 (64.44%)  33 (35.55%) 
HBsAg +ve  1 (2%)  0 (%)  1 (3.03%) 
Anti-HCV +ve  3 (6%)  2 (11.76%)  1 (3.03%) 

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