Hepatitis B & C Screening and Vaccination Camp

May 08, 2024

May 08, 2024

Ishaq Haroon Hospital, Lahore


On May 08, 2024 IPAC Foundation in collaboration with The health Foundation (THF) organized a Hepatitis B & C Screening Camp at Ishaq Haroon Hospital, Lahore. A total of 89 individuals, including patients and hospital staff, participated in the screening and also received counseling on Hepatitis B & C. Among them, 46 patients received the first dose of the Hepatitis B Vaccine.

Following the screenings, 3 individuals tested positive for Hepatitis B, and 4 individuals tested positive for Hepatitis C.

Furthermore, blood samples were collected from the positive cases for PCR testing. Each positive case was provided with a comprehensive follow-up plan and received counseling services to address their specific needs.



Table 01: Hepatitis B & C Screening 

Screening Test Method  HBV and HCV RDTs (Rapid Diagnostic Testing Kits) 
Population Age Range (Years)  18-75 


  Total  Males  Females 
No. of Population Screened  89  35 (64.44%)  54 (35.55%) 
HBsAg +ve  3 (3.37%)  2 (5.71%)  1 (1.85%) 
Anti-HCV +ve  4 (4.49%)  3 (8.57%)  1 (1.85%) 

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