VFAHT is a volunteer body of the Infection Prevention and Control Foundation comprising of faculty members, and students from both medical and dental institutes. This organization was established with the aim of creating awareness among the general public and capacity building of students in the field of Public Health and Infection Control. With more than one thousand volunteers in 12 chapters all across Pakistan, it has conducted hundreds of campus and community activities so far.


The Mission of the volunteer body is the empowerment of future healthcare professionals and increased coverage of awareness about basic concepts of preventive health in society.


Infection Control

Working with hospital administration to ensure standard operating procedures for infection control implemented in hospitals.

Safe Dental Practices

Focus on provider education to ensure proper sterilization of dental instruments. Creating a screening protocol for those seeking dental care

Blood Safety

Creating awareness among the population for screening blood before transfusion and compelling blood banks to get registered and licensed.


Forming a forward block and advocating drafting legislation for imposing penalties and punishment for persons and institutions responsible for the transmission of infectious diseases.


Collecting data on prevalence, risk factor identification & treatment for infectious diseases like Hepatitis, HIV/Aids Tuberculosis, and Typhoid.

Education & Counseling

Directed at patients, students, all health care providers and the general population regarding infectious disease transmission and prevention methods.

Encourage Testing & Immunization

Spreading awareness about testing for hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS, and counseling regarding vaccination against hepatitis B and Typhoid.

Injection Safety

Decrease the burden of the number of injections administered. Holding health care providers responsible for safe injection practices.



Community Awareness Seminars on Preventable Infectious Disease
Injection Safety Training Workshop
Hand Washing & Hand Hygiene Workshop – Clean Hands Save Lives
Epidemic and Outbreak Management  Workshops
Public Health Quiz
Live Poster Competition
Original Research Studies
Infection Free Pakistan Social Media Campaign

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