Continuing Medical and Dental Education (CME & CDE) is a means for medical and dental professionals to remain up to date with the latest clinical knowledge and practice guidelines. The medical and dental fields are continuously evolving; hence the professionals need to maintain their competence. They rely on CME & CDE credits as one of the support systems that helps them drive improvements in practice and optimize the care, health and wellness of patients. CME and CDE programs are designed to be relevant to their needs, are practice-based, and effective. According to the revised guidelines of Pakistan Medical Commission, non-specialist doctors require a total of 10 CME/CDE points in each academic year. Specialist doctors (those with any registered postgraduate qualification) require 15 CME/CDE points per academic year.

Our Continuing Medical and Dental Education Program organizes year-round webinars, seminars, and panel discussions to keep healthcare professionals up-to-date on the topics related to epidemiology, prevention and control of communicable diseases, clinical microbiology, infection control, and antimicrobial resistance. It also enables the dissemination of evidence-based knowledge and practice across regions and continents.

CME Calendar 2021


March 5

Prevention and Control of Typhoid Fever in Pakistan | Updates and GuidelinesClosed

March 25

World TB Day Public Health SymposiumClosed

April 12 to 18

Prevention and Control of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Pakistan | Breakthroughs and StigmasN/A

April 24 to 30

World Immunization WeekClosed

April 25

Prevention and Control of Malaria in Pakistan | Progress and ChallengesN/A

June 14

Safe Blood Donation Practices in Pakistan | Success and FailuresN/A

July 28

Prevention and Control of Hepatitis in Pakistan | Progress and ChallengesN/A

September 13

Understanding the Seriousness of Sepsis in PakistanN/A
September 17Patient Safety: A Global Health PriorityN/A

September 20 to 24

Think Fungus: Fungal Disease Awareness in PakistanN/A

September 28

Prevention and Control of Rabies in Pakistan | Risks and BenefitsN/A

October 14 to 20

Battling Infectious Diseases in Pakistan | Progress and ChallengesN/A

October 15

Hand Washing Practices in Healthcare Settings of Pakistan | Progress and ChallengesN/A

October 24

Polio in Pakistan: A war yet to winN/A

November 12

Prevention and Control of Pneumonia in Pakistan | Progress and ChallengesN/A

November 18 to 24

Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance in Pakistan | Strengths and WeaknessesN/A

December 1

Social Barriers and Stigmas regarding HIV/AIDS in Pakistan | Breakthrough and ConstraintsN/A

CDE Calendar 2021




April 24

Disinfection in Dentistry



Connection of Oral Health to Systemic Diseases



Prognosis of Dental Implants in Pakistan



Early Intervention in Orthodontic Treatments



Bad Breath and Bleeding Gums | Challenges of Good Oral Health


Speakers Panel


Nozaina Aftab, MD

Consultant Infectious Diseases

dr.faran (2)

Faran Ahmad, MD

Infectious Disease and Critical Care Fellow, Creighton University


Dr. Somia Iqtadar

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, KEMU


Dr. Rana Jawad Asghar

CEO Global Health Strategists & Implementers


Quratulain Fatima Kizilbash, MD, MPH

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Texas Tyler


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naseem Khan

Professor of Public Health, Health Services Academy


Prof. Dr. Fatima Mukhtar

Professor of Public Health,
University of Health Sciences

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