Infection Prevention and Control Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organization. The foundation is striving for a paradigm shift in the health care system of developing countries by focusing on preventive health. IPAC Foundation aims to play the role of a leader of preventive health in the third world countries.


To work with all the stake holders including global health institutions, government agencies, and the society to ensure an infection free world.


To reduce the burden of infectious diseases from the developing world through capacity building of health care providers. Improved regulatory mechanisms.

  • Introduction of effective information technology tools.
  • Transfer of latest technology.
  • Increased coverage of awareness.
  • Collaboration of all stakeholders on a singular platform to address global health challenge of infectious diseases.


Prevention is better than cure.

Our health care experience of the past two centuries tells us that prevention is cost-effective and can be implemented in resource drought countries. Prevention can provide mass coverage of affordable health that treatment can never do. Vaccines, hygienic lifestyle, infection control measures in households, communities, health care facilities, and other preventive measures have extended the life expectancy across the globe. Still there is a need for lot more to be done.


Institute of Infection Prevention and Control (IIPAC)

A center of excellence in Infection Prevention and Control sector of Pakistan to take on the challenges of infection prevention and control sector including the provision of trained human resource, cutting edge technology and latest research in Pakistan and the region. IIPAC aims to become a hub of academic and research activities in the field of Infection Prevention and Control and improve the standard of care at health care facilities.

Volunteer Force Against Hepatitis Transmission (VFAHT)

A volunteer body of faculty members and students from medical and dental institutes with the aim of creating awareness in the field of Public Health and Infection Control. VFAHT organizes more than 100 campus and community activities each year. The aim of the volunteer body is empowerment of future healthcare professionals and increased coverage of awareness about basic concepts of preventive health in the society.

Volunteer Force Against Hepatitis Transmission Kids

A volunteer body of kids and parents to organize interactive public health activities to achieve a healthier and infection free society. Child health has been a major public health challenge in the developing world. 50% of pediatric hospital admissions in the country are due to infectious diseases alone. Despite the help of global institutions, the country is long way from achieving its goals in child health sector.


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